Stretch Ceiling Price by Sqf

The Stretch ceiling is a category of products
where you can not just go to a corner supplier
and buy at the fixed price.
The cost of the Stretch ceiling in each case will be determined
individually and it can be set only upon
a measurement and a visit of the premise.

Batica-Renov Europe Stretch Ceiling will provide you
the best quality in term of membrane.
We do not use CHINESE membrane
or low quality membrane.

Low price with low quality membrane are not our priority
only high quality and fair price is our priority.

Our price will vary anywhere from $6 to as much as $12+ /Sqf.

The cost will depend on the size of the room,
number of angles, the material being used,
the complexity of the job, geographical location,
the finish of the Stretch Ceiling - Reflective, Matte,
Multilevel, Backlit, Printed, Starry Sky,
Suede, Chameleon, Pearl, Sparkling ...

Check out our website where you
can fill the form and invite us for more information.

How much does a stretch ceiling cost?
Since all jobs are relatively unique and highly
skilled check accurate license
, accurate insurance, references with others
contractors and reputable testimonials in your area.

What are the extra costs?
Lights, A/C vents, Chandeliers...
Anything who will be recess from the vinyl membrane.

How can I save money?
Before you want to start renovation,
contact us and let's talk about it.
We can provide you with our long experience
some advice on your future stretch ceiling installation
and same you money.