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Q : Do we have to remove furniture before installing a Stretch Ceiling?

A : The fewer items in the room, the easier and quicker the installation will be, so we strongly recommand the removal of fragile &/or valuable items and plants from the rooms prior to mounting the stretch ceiling.

Q : What are the terms, methods and conditions of payment?

A : You can pay with cash or by money order, credit & debit card or a bank check (please, no personal checks).

We request a 50% advance payment, since the Stretch Ceiling Membrane is custom made and cut with the utmost precision to fit exactly the size of your room and your room only. The balance is paid in full, once the ceiling is mounted (the very day of completion).

Q : Where Batica-Renov Stretch Ceiling can be installed?

A : This technology is compatible with almost any type of interior including: Commercial spaces – Residential homes – Pools – Children’s rooms – Spas – Hotels – Car dealerships – Recording studios – Hospitals – Labs – Medical & Dental offices – Night clubs – Restaurants – Airports – Auditoriums – Boats.

Q : Is Batica-Renov France Stretch Ceiling still active?

A : Yes, we have a team in France dealing with an extensive customer base and their referrals, since it is a very popular product abroad (mostly in Europe), where it is in high demand. Our local teams provide quotes, installation and excellent customer service, much like our team based in Florida.

Q : What will happen if something from the old ceiling falls on the new ceiling, like paint chips, for example?

A : The Stretch Ceiling can easily be removed and reassembled to allow access to the space above, but paint chips would not be seen from below and, anyway, not heavy enough to get noticed..

Q : May the installation work of Stretch Ceiling cause my room to be dusty?

A : No, the installation process is quite neat  and rarely takes more than a day. Hardly any dust will develop. As soon as the installation specialist has finished his work, you will immediately feel “at home” again.

Q : What materials are used to manufacture of Stretch Ceilings?

A : We use PVC film membrane of various textures, specially manufactured for Stretch Ceilings, in Germany and France.

Q : What is the difference between Matte, Satin and Lacquer finish?

A : The Matte finish has a texture that looks like ordinary paint since its surface is a little rough.

The Satin is a smooth and flat texture, with a very light gloss effect. This is a good compromise between matte and gloss (Lacquer).

The Lacquer finish gives a reflexion and visually widens the space (a bright room will seem to have a mirror on the ceiling).

Q : Can the Stretch Ceiling membrane Batica-Renov be damaged by the hit of champagne cork?

A : No if it is popped the regular way, but… Yes, if you are sabering a bottle of champagne.

Q : Can any image be printed on Stretch Ceilings?

A : Yes the Batica-Renov Stretch Ceiling Film Membrane can have any photo-ready custom art UV printed, which is a brand new technology.

Q : Can the Stretch Ceilings System be made of complex shapes?

A : Yes, any shape and configuration of Stretch Ceilings is possible.

This opens limitless possibilities for clients’ solutions and imagination.